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 Naturopathic  Services

New Patient Comprehensive Evaluation 



For new patients with chronic or complex health problems. This involves a 90 minute visit, usually followed by initial treatment. This includes a detailed evaluation of the patient’s history and family medical history, a review of body systems, dietary evaluation, physical examination, and laboratory testing recommendations as appropriate.

Follow-up Visit 


Returning office visit for established patients. Requires about 30min.

New Pediatric Evaluation 


For new pediatric patients with a singular, simple health concern who would like to establish care. Included in this visit is a physical examination, assessment, dietary evaluation, and appropriate recommendations for naturopathic treatment options and further testing if necessary. This generally involves a single and simple problem or concern, with initial treatment, and requires about 45 minutes.

"Quick Look" 


Sore throat, ear ache, etc. Requires about 15min 

New Patient Acute Evaluation


This includes an assessment of the acute problem and immediate treatment or referral as appropriate. Requires about 30-60min.

Only accepted on the basis of referral from another provider. 

House Call 


May incur additional fees depending on treatment. 

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